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Com Tam Moc introduces its first restaurant in Vietnam.

Like Pho 24 had done for Pho, Com Tam Moc has taken one of the most famous local rice dish, broken-rice (com tam), and turned it into a medium-to-high-end f&b brand in Vietnam. Before Com Tam Moc appeared in the market, some of the restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city had tried to popularize broken-rice via providing a nice, comfortable ambience to the service. Although some had enjoyed tremendous success such Com Tam Thuan Kieu or Com Tam Kieu Giang, but none has really penetrated into a professional office people market. In Vietnam, people still view broken-rice (com tam) as street food. With that, they expect to pay for cheaper price and makeshift eating environment.

Com Tam Moc realized the potential growth of the middle class in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh. The office workers, the tourists, the business people are craving for the broken-rice dishes with air-con equipped rooms, professional services and still affordable. Another word, they need a "premium" broken-rice restaurant. Com Tam Moc is the answer to that crave. At Com Tam Moc, you will enjoy a clean, comfortable with in-door air-con, contemporary decoration with a touch of "wood and brick" vintage design. "Simply Moc" is our slogan. It reflects what we offer in food and in the ambience.

This is only the beginning of a long journey to promote the local street food. Com Tam Moc hope that you will be pleased with our good quality food and relaxing environment at an affordable price.

Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon.